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Insulation in Ireland - What are the Risks

Insulation in Ireland -  What are the risks?

Are we so focused on achieving the highest energy ratings possible for our homes that we risk selecting the wrong insulation materials when it come to fire protection and safety? I think so.

Fire safety in our homes should be a higher priororty than energy efficiency.

I think our building professionals, our legislators and building control advisors will have to have a good look at the rule book again.

The term fire stop and fire safe are two totally different meanings yet in Irish construction circles can be interpreted as being the same. It is not.

The term Non combustible and fire rated is also in many cases interpreted as being the same. It is not.

Every insulation material can have a fire rating ranging between A Rated being the best and E and F being of limited combustabilaty or combustible.


Food for thought.

Back in my day when you recieved your leaving certificate results (one of the biggest exams you did as a young adult) you hoped for an A or a B or you might be happy with a D to just about get you over the line to get that new job you wanted.

You never told anyone if you got an E or an F.


We must bring common sense back into the construction industry when it comes to insulation specification, decision and planning process and training before we take risks with the lives of unsuspecting home owners. 


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