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Airtight Solutions

Airtight Solutions

  • IZOPERM Plus  Fixed sd Airtight membrane      75m2 per roll
  • VARA Plus Variable sd Airtight membrane         75m2 per roll
  • CONIZO 60 Airtight overlap tape                         40lm  per roll
  • CONIZO SL60 Airtight window and door tape     40lm  per roll
  • VARABOND 80 Plastering tape                           25lm  per roll
  • VARABOND 150 Plastering tape                         25lm  per roll
  • ACRA Sealant                                                    310ml  per tube
  • ACRA Primer                                                         1 ltr  per tub

Breathble Roof and Wall Membranes

  • EXOPERM 150 Roof - Monolithic Breathabe membrane      75m2 per roll
  • EXOPERM Wall - Monolithic Breathable membrane             75m2 per roll
  • CONEXO External overlap and joint tape                              25lm  per roll


  • Partel EXOPERM Roof 150 Monolithic breathable membrane applied over the rafters.
  • 150mm Knauf Earthwool OmniFit Stud Roll 34 (glasswool) applied between the rafters. 
  • Partel IZOPERM Plus Airtight Membrane (sd 5) applied to the underside of the rafters.
  • 62.5mm Polyisocyanurate Foam (PIR) Insulated Plasterboard fixed below the rafters.




U Value 0.16 W/m2K


  • A Thermal, acoustic, breathable and airtight solution.
  • Increase the roof rafter depth to improve the U Value result.


  • OmniFit Stud 34 rolls are Non Combustible Class A1, can reduce noise levels, are vapour open (breathable), will provide a flexible, high performance thermal solution between roof rafters.  4 in 1  Solutions.


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